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Too Good for Drugs Seventh Grade

Unit 1


Lesson 1:  Setting Reachable Goals

Students learn how to set and achieve personal goals.  


Lesson 2:  Responsible Decision Making

Students learn to plan their actions, evaluate their choices, and problem solve using the steps for responsible decision making


Lesson 3:  Identifying and Managing Emotions

Students learn to recognize and manage their emotions using healthy strategies. 


Lesson 4:  Effective Communication

Students learn how to use communicate skills to resolve conflict, express emotions, and enhance cooperation.


Lesson 5:  Bonding and Relationships

Students learn and apply peer refusal strategies and peer selection skills to promote healthy bonding and connectedness.


Unit 2


Lesson 6:  Undestanding Addiction

Students learn about addiction and its physiological and psychological effects on the teenage body and brain.

Lesson 7:  Effects of Nicotine Use

Students learn the short-term, long-term, and social consequences of nicotine use.


Lesson 8:  Effects of Alcohol Use

Students examine the short and long term effects of alcohol use on the teenage brain and body as well as the social consequences of underage drinking.


Lesson 9:  Effects of THC and Marijuana Use

Students examine the misperceptions of marijuana and its use. Students also learn the effects of marijuana on the teenage brain and body as well as its impact on reaching goals.

Lesson 10:  Street, Rx, and OTC Drugs

Students learn the short term effects of the abuse of street, prescription, and OTC drugs and review the effects of drug use on the teenage brain and body. 

If you have any questions about the resources on this page, you can contact our Prevention Educators here, or you can visit the Mendez Foundation’s website here.

Lesson Videos
You will need: A pencil and a notebook or a Too Good for Drugs workbook

Anchor 1
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At Home Learning Worksheets

These worksheets are designed to support and practice skills in language arts, social studies, vocabulary, and art.  There is a worksheet for each week.  The worksheets do not needed to be printed.  Students are able to complete the prompts on a separate sheet of paper.

Home Workouts

These worksheets are fun activities for adults and kids to complete together.  There is a worksheet for each of the ten lessons.  Some worksheets can be completed without printing, but some will be difficult to complete without printing.




Journaling Prompts

For each lesson topic there are several journaling prompts that students can choose from.  The journaling prompts do not needed to be printed.  Students are able to complete the prompts on a separate sheet of paper.

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