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Student Media

Every 1-2 years, the Ulster Prevention Council hosts a Student Media Contest whereby Ulster County High School students can contribute to the narrative around substance use prevention. You will find the winning poster, videos and radio PSAs below.

In addition to this, staff at Ulster Prevention Council look for opportunities to do community outreach and education around substance use and prevention. This includes conducting workshops, going on the radio, and attending tabling events.

2018 Student Media Contest Winners

Poster Winner
Kylie Detz
Wallkill High School
"Knock Drugs Out of The Park"

Foreign Language Poster Winner

Lizbeth Martinez

Wallkill High School

Media Contest Winner
Ellenville High School
"What Besides Drugs"

Prevention Contest Winner: 
Ellenville High School
Drug Awareness Radio PSA

Previous Years' Contest Winners

2016 Video Contest Winners: Morgan Smith & Bridgit Franza
"I Bet They Will Notice This." View on Youtube here

2016 Video Contest PSA Winners: Gavin Rosario, Masiah Otero, Dante' Langley.
"Make the Right Choice" Rap; Ellenville High School. View on Youtube here

2016 Poster Winner

Dakota Depuy

"Heroin kills the pain"

2015 Video PSA and Poster Contest Winners: Ellenville High School.
View on Youtube here

2013 Radio PSA and Poster Contest Winner Highlights: Ellenville High School. 
View on Youtube here

2013 Video PSA Winners - Highlights: Saugerties & Ellenville High Schools. 
View on Youtube here

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