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Mindfulness tip of the week 

Three key characteristics of mindfulness:

  • Intention to cultivate awareness (and return to it again and again)

  • Attention to what is occurring in the present moment (simply observing thoughts, feelings, sensations as they arise)

  • Attitude that is non-judgmental, curious, and kind.

Kindness Challenge of the week 

Want to spread some kindness to kids who are hospitalized? You're guaranteed to cheer them (and yourself) up! Grab some craft supplies and maybe some friends to help, and make bright and happy greeting cards for them!

For some important rules to follow, and to find out where to send them, copy or type this into your browser:

Ulster Prevention Council provides evidence-based substance use prevention workshops in Ulster county schools, agencies and the community. We are located in Kingston, New York.

Ulster County Youth Survey results
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