Drug Hiding Places

There are many drug hiding places that we be presenting below. It is by no means an exhaustive list, however, as the types of hiding places are growing all the time. We will update this page periodically to reflect these changes. 

air freshener stash can.JPG

It looks like a regular air freshener can, but the bottom unscrews here to allow someone to hide drugs.

Air Freshener Stash Can

AA battery pill case.JPG

As with the air freshener can, the bottom of these AA batteries unscrews to reveal a hiding place.

Battery Stash

arizona can.JPG

In this case, the top of this tall can unscrews to reveal a hiding place for drugs.

Arizona Tea Stash Can

cigarette scale.jpg

On the outside, it's a cigarette box. Inside is a digital scale for measuring drugs.

Cigarette Scale

dab kit 2.jpg

This tin holds a kit for smoking what is known as DABs, or BHO (Butane Hash Oil)


dube tubes.jpg

Also called Doob Tubes, these lime green fake "Tampon" wrappers hide plastic containers for hiding marijuana joints.  Some are also designed to hide alcohol. 

Dube Tubes

lint roller diversion.png

Not just a lint roller, but it has a compartment inside that can be used to hide drugs or herbs.

Lint Roller


It looks like a regular hairbrush, but it is designed to hold alcohol.

Hairbrush Flask

aliceinwonderland t-shirt.jpg

The allusions to possible drug activity in the Alice in Wonderland story are portrayed here.

Lost in Wonderland T-shirt

4-20 t-shirt.jpg

420, 4/20 and 4:20 signify the date April 20th which is commonly known as a day to smoke marijuana. 4:20 pm was the socially accepted hour of the day to smoke marijuana.

4:20 T-shirt

beer pong t-shirt.jpg

The image on the t-shirt signifies the game of beer pong, where players try to land a ping pong ball in a cup of beer.

Beer Pong T-shirt

dab t-shirt.jpg

The message is clear; it refers to Dabbing, or smoking using a DAB kit.

DAB T-shirt

DGK socks.jpg

DGK ("Dirty Ghetto Kids") clothing line popular with skateboarders and substance users.

DGK Socks

stash hat 1.png

It looks like a regular hat, but there's room inside the headband for hiding drugs.

"Stash" Hat